Main Weatherization Measures


Home insulation is a major component of weatherizing a home. In our hot and humid climate attic or "roof cavity" insulation is the biggest priority as it concerns insulating. Other forms of insulation including side-wall, floor and duct insulation are still important and are addressed based on the dwelling type and other factors.

Air Sealing

Consists of sealing cracks, holes, and gaps around doors, windows, plumbing and vent pipes, wiring that penetrate the ceiling and floor, and other areas with high potential for heat loss, using caulk, foam sealant, weather-stripping, door sweeps, electrical receptacle gaskets, and so on to reduce air leakage.

Other Energy Measures

CFL Bulbs

Short for compact fluorescent lamp, they are designed to directly replace incandescent bulbs and use anywhere from one fifth to one third the electricity of their incandescent counterpart.

Water Heater Wrap

Wrapping a water heater with a special insulation blanket helps heat loss reducing the amount of additional heating while the water is not in use.

Smart Thermostat

Smart thermostats or programmable thermostats are designed to control your HVAC with a user programed schedule to help reduce the amount of unit run time, by automatically turning the the unit up or down during a desired time period.

Replacing or Cleaning Air Filters

Replacing or cleaning your air filter is very important in the performance and longevity of the unit. When a air filter is dirty and clogged it puts strain on the unit and reduces the efficiency of the unit greatly. Its recommended that you change your filter once a month but you still want to check it periodically check it due to varying home conditions.

Health And Saftey Measures

CO/Smoke Detectors

Carbon Monoxide and smoke detectors are essential for home safety


Including range hood vents,bath fans, and whole home ventilation were applicable to ensure to ensure home is properly ventilated while loosing as little conditioned air as possible

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